Double Truth (play script)

Georgia, a passionate woman and emerging playwright, and her partner, Andrew, a divorced man and successful actor, have recently started living together. In an attempt to find out whether Andrew has been having second thoughts about his separation with his ex wife, Mayra, Georgia employs her ex lover and Mayra’s collaborator, Mike, to help her find the truth regarding Andrew and Mayra’s meetings. In each Act we see the two opposing and complementary versions of the same story, as experienced by the two lead characters, Georgia and Andrew.

The play’s title is derived from the philosophical concept of double truth, introduced by the Latin Averroists in the 13th century, which holds that there can be two contradictory versions of the same idea, which can both be valid without detriment to each other. Similarly, the play explores the double nature of love. The love which exists as an everlasting natural force, as opposed to the quotidian love which, like all living things, it may have an expiry date.

Double Truth double truth 1